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Creation of a New Ensemble

Our cultural life have been struggling with the economoic impact of the Covid-19. However it did not stop us to make our wish come true. We gave birth to Ensemble Inicia ! and we are pleased to annonce its first upcoming concerts.

Two concerts and one video

Inicia 2021

  • August 15, 2021 | open air concert in Arènes de Cimiez | Nice, France

Works of Bartòk, Farhang, Jolas, Marcland, Nillni, Servière, Stravinski, Varèse, Xenakis


  • Octobre 2, 2021 | Opening concert season of CIRM in 109 | Nice, France

Works of Debussy, Enesco, Farhang, Marcland, Servière, Xenakis

Film screening "Rituels pour un nouveau monde" of Compagnie /TranS/

Recording session and Video Shooting

  • July 6 and 6, 2021 | Recording session for the film "Rituels pour un nouveau monde" | CIRM | Nice, France

Choreographic premiers, music of Farhang, Marcland and Servière

Video shooting

  • August 16-20, 2021 | Video shooting for "Rituels pour un nouveau monde" in the old slaughterhouses of Nice

Three composers - Alireza Farhang, Patrick Marcland and Antonin Servière - mobilized their energies to bring together a group of high-level performers to offer concerts and events where contemporary music meets other arts: dance, video, visual arts, etc ...

The musicians of the Ensemble Inicia! : Alain Billard (bass clarinet), Margot Cache (double bass), Laurent Camatte (viola), Daniel Ciampolini (percussion), François Draux (clarinet), Benoît Maurin (percussion), Jean-Luc Menet (flute), Antinéa Mira (harp ), Noé Nillni (trumpet), Antonin Servière (saxophone), Benny Sluchin (trombone), Stephanos Thomopoulos (piano)

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